Schools Case Study: Monkton

20% Challenge proposed installation of better controls, and held staff and pupil workshops to raise awareness and understanding. This boarding house has now reduced its gas (heating) consumption by 25% - a return on investment of less than three

Reduce your energy, waste costs and carbon footprint, by 20%

We're all dependant on cheap, plentiful energy,  to run our businesses, schools, homes and lives. However, with energy bills rising at 10-15% per year, and set to double in five to seven years, it's about time we managed energy use down, mimimising the impact of spiralling costs on our balance sheet and impact on our bottom-line.

With the prospect of energy costs doubling in five years, it's time to act:

  • review your utility spend
  • identify energy, water and waste bad practice 
  • establish best practice energy and water management
  • replace inefficient equipment
  • reap the benefits of reduced utility costs
  • enhance your Corporate Social Responsibility


Don't wait until you're forced to by regulation, clients and suppliers.
We invite you to make the 20% Challenge, for us to reduce your utility use, spend, and lower your carbon footprint.

Let us future-proof your business, working together for a better world.